Refrigeration energy efficiency opportunities

23 November 2021
Focus area: Energy
Program stream: Sustainability
Project number: 2020-1017
The Refrigeration Plant Energy Improvement Project will help meat processors across Australia to understand, identify and assess dozens of energy efficiency interventions related to their industrial refrigeration systems. 

The project delivered a toolkit to help small, medium, and large processors containing:
  • handbooks related to specific refrigeration systems used at different plants that outline how to identify, assess and complete a range of energy efficient activities:
    • a two-part illustrated handbook about ammonia refrigeration units for medium and large processing sites
    • a handbook about frieon refrigeration units for small processing plants 
  • a ‘new technology handbook’ that provides succinct and relevant information on leading-edge replacement options for cooling and heating equipment
  • a manual that helps to further determine the viability of opportunities mentioned in the handbooks. The manual gives guidance on how to initial assess energy efficient opportunities and includes a calculator to estimate energy savings and reduced energy costs.

As part of the project, AMPC’s research provider, Minus40, conducted 10 workshops across 10 different processing sites in Queensland, Victoria, and NSW. It looked at the performance of industrial refrigeration at these sites and provided recommendations to each participating processing site. 

Access the final report and toolkits in the supporting documents section on this page.
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