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Meet our innovation managers - Greg Williams

16 November 2021
1 minute read

What did you do before AMPC?
I have been working in maintenance and engineering within the red meat industry for over 30 years. Starting my career (as a kid) as an apprentice fitter and machinist, transitioning from the tools to drafting and design, to eventually becoming the Group Engineering Manager at Northern Co-Operative Meat Company (NCMC), now Casino Food Coop. During my tenure at NCMC I got itchy feet at about the ten-year mark and had a brief stint with G&B Stainless designing and installing red meat processing equipment.

More recently I had the opportunity as a Program Manager – Supply Chain Innovation at MLA and from February 2021 moved to my current position as Co-Innovation Manager at Australian Meat Processor Corporation (AMPC) and am currently acting as the Senior Manager – On Plant Innovation.

What do you love most about your role at AMPC?
My role at AMPC gives me the opportunity to use my 30 years of experience, skills, and knowledge to work with processors and providers.  This drives my passion for continuous improvement to ensure a sustainable and prosperous red meat processing industry.

Who is your favourite sports team?
I get enthused with any form of motor sport. My kids raced motocross at a national level when they were younger. They are not racing competitively anymore but I follow a few Aussie guys they used to race with and its fantastic to see them starting to make it in Europe and the US.

Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know?
Fun Fact: I was born on a Friday 13th – Black Friday, not sure what that says about me. I do like to unwind with camping and fishing. Reeling in the big ones!

Where do you see red meat processing in 10 years?
I’m hoping to see in my lifetime a lights out, just in time, red meat processing facility that will use the most advanced digital technologies to implement intelligent and sustainable processes. Making creative and optimised use of available materials and energy with innovative business models that focuses on empowering employees.

Pineapple on pizza?
Hell no, what is wrong with you people.