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Digital tool to drive circular economy outcomes

28 February 2022
Digital tool to drive circular economy outcomes

An AMPC project driving a circular economy approach to resource recovery through wastewater modernisation will be presented at the Oz Water conference in May. 

The project is developing an interactive digital design for modular wastewater treatment with the objective of assisting red meat processors in the transition from wastewater treatment facilities to resource recovery plants. 

The project also focusses on increasing environmental compliance and reducing overall carbon footprint, achieved through reduction of nutrient emissions, recycling wastewater, and diverting waste from landfill to the production of bio-energy and other resources.

AMPC’s research provider, Fabiana Tessle said, “For the first time, the industry will see an integrated approach to wastewater and waste management that will simultaneously increase environmental compliance and reduce carbon footprint, while generating side-streams revenue for the processing plants. The digital tool will assist individual producers in quickly assessing the opportunities for their particular plants.”

On completion of the project the output will be that AMPC members and their processing plants of all sizes (small, medium and large), will be more able to self-assess options around modernisation for their wastewater treatment through the use of a digital tool. 

AMPC Program Manager, Matthew Deegan said, “Modernisation of waste water treatment is something the red meat processing sector needs and this is the first step for processing plants of all different sizes to visualise solutions for their particular requirements. The digital tool uses circular economy principles.”

The digital tool will be available at the conclusion of the project at the end of 2022.