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AMPC wins grant to support women in maintenance trade roles

22 June 2023
AMPC wins grant to support women in maintenance trade roles

AMPC recently won an NSW Department of Education grant to encourage women in trade roles. The application outlined the development of a program that encourages women to trade roles in the red meat processing industry in rural NSW. 

The program is now being developed by AMPC and involves an immersive experience and the development of an interactive attraction tool to encourage women to consider trades in the meat processing industry. The program will run across three different regional areas of NSW. 

AMPC Program Manager Amanda Carter said, “We will run three programs over the next 14 months that will allow women to learn about and experience maintenance trade roles in red meat processing. Roles such as fitter and turners, electricians and plumbers.”

Each program will run for three-days and participants will get their hands on the tools whilst learning about the trades. They will be given the support to develop human skills and use positive psychology principles to support a thriving career. 

Amanda said, “The immersive experience will involve a day at a meat processing plant in NSW together with a day at TAFE to experience the education side to undertaking a trade. This will give participants a full 360-degree profile of an apprenticeship, experience what it could look like and get hands on in the practical and training elements of the role to be able to make an informed career choice.”

The third day of the program will be an employer engagement event which will support stronger networks between red meat processing industry employers, education providers and program participants. 

Separate to the three-day program, AMPC will develop an interactive tool to promote the career options for women to work in trade-related disciplines in the red meat processing industry.

Amanda said, “This tool will be able to be used by career advisors and red meat processors at career days, field days and other industry events.”

AMPC is also investing in the program together with the grant funding. 

The program will connect women to a red meat processing facility, TAFE provider and Australian apprentice support network (AASN) to ensure they are given adequate support to consider an apprenticeship role.

AMPC worked together with TAFE NSW, Empowered Women in Trades, Apprenticeship Support Australia,  and Think Digital to pull the grant application together and will work with them to develop the program. 

TAFE NSW will support the project through the trade immersion days. Local TAFEs and AASN providers will supply step-by-step information on the enrolment and apprenticeship signup process.

Empowered Women in Trades (EWIT) will support the program delivery with workshops promoting positive psychology and human skills to support a thriving trade career. Female ambassadors currently working in these roles will engage with the women and share their stories and experiences.

Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) will partner on the program to deliver mentorship, career advice and official apprenticeship sign-ups for interested participants.

Think Digital will work on the development of the interactive tool. 

The program will begin later this year. If you are interested in participating, please email Amanda Carter at