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Processor research body appoints highly respected industry leaders as Chair and Deputy Chair

28 November 2023
Processor research body appoints highly respected industry leaders as Chair and Deputy Chair

The Australian Meat Processor Corporation’s (AMPC) newly elected Board met yesterday to elect its Chair and Deputy Chair following the Annual General Meeting on 20 November.

Melissa Fletcher, CEO of Fletcher International Exports, was appointed Chair having previously served two terms as Deputy Chair. 

Dr John Langbridge, Manager – Industry Affairs at Teys Australia, was appointed as Deputy Chair. 

Both Ms Fletcher and Dr Langbridge are well respected industry leaders and were both elected to the board as processor directors following a ballot with AMPC’s members. 

Ms Fletcher said, “I am honoured to be elected as Chair of the AMPC Board. I thank the outgoing board for setting a solid foundation and I am committed to ensuring sound governance of AMPC to maximise value for the red meat processing industry.”

The AMPC Board of Directors consists of seven processor and two independent directors. In addition to the breadth and depth of professional experience that the directors bring, there is a record number of female directors on the board including Ms Fletcher who also identifies as aboriginal.

AMPC CEO Chris Taylor said, “The new board has a diverse set of skills and attributes, and I am looking forward to working with them in delivering our strategic aspirations. 

“There is an exciting time ahead as we continue to invest in innovative solutions and drive support the $21 billion red meat processing industry that supports 138, 000 jobs in Australia.”

These appointments conclude the make-up of the new AMPC Board. 

AMPC’s Board including profiles the Chair and Deputy Chair can be viewed on the AMPC website –

Melissa Fletcher – Chair

Melissa Fletcher is the Chief Executive Officer of Fletcher International Exports, one of Australia’s largest processors and exporters of lamb and sheep meat products.

As an Australian of proud indigenous descent with over 30 years of industry experience, she represents a new generation of red meat industry leaders and brings a unique and valuable perspective to the AMPC Board.

John Langbridge – Deputy Chair

John Langbridge is a veterinarian who worked for the Australia Department of Agriculture for 27 years, AMIC for four years. Currently, he holds the position of Manager – Industry Affairs for Teys Australia. 

He represented Australia on the Codex Meat Hygiene Committee, the Australian Meat Standards Committee, FSANZ PPS working group, and the Australian Meat Industry Language and Standards Committee.

In his current tole he provides technical advice to Teys and their customers, and liaises between Teys, industry, government and customers on issues related to meat safety, animal welfare, animal health, meat production, processing and exports. He also has responsibility for Teys Australia research and development programs.

John was elected to the AMPC Board for his first term in November 2023.

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