AMPC Client Centre


Submission of Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs)

See below for details on how to submit a research proposal.


What is the AMPC Client Centre?
How do I access the AMPC Client Centre?

If you are not already registered and are interested in submitting a research proposal, click here to complete the Request Access to Client Centre form.

On completion and submission of the form, AMPC will send a temporary password and link to the AMPC Client Centre.

For security purposes, please change your password upon first login.

Forgot your password?

To reset your password for the AMPC Client Centre, click here and follow the forgot password prompts.

Can I save a proposal (draft) and submit later?

Please note, 'Draft' is the default PRP Status. Clicking 'Save' will not submit your proposal, you must 'Save' and then 'Submit'.

You will be able to edit your 'Draft' proposal as often as you like prior to submission. Please ensure you 'Submit' your proposal prior to the closing date.

How can I ensure that my proposal has been submitted?

Once the proposal has been submitted, the PRP Status will automatically update to ‘Submitted’.

Please note, once you have submitted your proposal you will no longer be able to edit or withdraw it. If you subsequently wish to edit your proposal, please contact to request that it be reactivated.

Can I submit my proposal by mail, email or fax?

No, proposals can only be submitted via the AMPC Client Centre. Proposals submitted by email, mail or fax will not be considered.

Need help?

To assist with the submission of your proposal, please download the AMPC Client Centre User Guide.

If you require further assistance, please contact AMPC on 02 8908 5500 or