Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Process

AMPC has undergone an important change to its Company operations and is now more directly responsible for processor strategy development and Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) project delivery.

This means that AMPC members through AMPC staff will be more directly involved in the delivery of processor RD&E in areas traditionally invested in by AMPC, but principally managed by MLA. These changes represent a significant shift in the role of AMPC from investor to the manager of RD&E for its members and an exciting positive change as to how processor levies will be managed into the future.

AMPC has revised its industry consultation process in order to better develop its investment framework on behalf of industry.  The consultation process has been re-structured to reflect a broader range of topics and to formalise input to RD&E priority setting and strategy development. The RD&E planning and implementation process is an 18 month cycle (6 months planning and 12 months of delivery), and includes the development of RD&E priorities to be addressed by a portfolio of quality projects.

Through consultation with the previous AMPC committees, a number of improvements to the consultation process have been identified. A revised approach to member consultation and engagement has been developed. As advised previously six new Program Advisory Committees (PACs) of smaller size and with appointed representatives have now been established.

The Program Advisory Committees are:

  • Processing Technologies.
  • Environment & Sustainability.
  • Processing Hygiene, Quality & Meat Science.
  • Capability, Extension & Education.
  • Industry Improvement & Economic Analysis.