Lab-on-a-chip system for microbial contamination

22 March 2022
Focus area: Food safety
Program stream: Product & process integrity
This project investigated the development of a method for the rapid detection (within 5 min) of specific microorganisms on carcasses and surfaces. 

This technology will potentially allow near real-time monitoring of bacterial contamination of raw product, which will enable a much faster result and reduce holding times where trading partners require a ‘test and hold’ as part of their importation requirements. This will benefit processing facilities by reducing the financial cost of getting product to certain markets.  It also has the potential to provide a quick and easy check of the effectiveness of a processing plant’s quality assurance program as the technology may be useful in detecting contamination on surfaces as well as on product. This will benefit the Australian red meat industry by increasing export and domestic consumer confidence in the safety and quality of the product.

The major outcome of the project was the development of suitable chemistry for the detection of certain bacterial cells on meat carcases.
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