Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Industry Top Issues: Energy

  • Soaring utilities costs, particularly in regional areas
  • Lack of energy alternatives and cost-effective ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact
  • Uncertainty around future energy policy decisions.
Emissions Reduction Fund: Energy Efficiency and Offsetting Opportunities
Dec 27, 2014
Technical solutions exist for reducing energy use and managing waste in the Australia red meat processing industry. The challenge is to select optimised solutions that meet the required economic dri...
Extension guide: Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Technologies Applicable to Red Meat Processing Manufacturing businesses
Mar 3, 2014
This extension guide provides information on the renewable energy, low emission and energy storage technologies that could be suitable for use at Australian red meat processing sites. It has been de...
An Energy Management Plan for Red Meat Processing Facilities
Oct 12, 2013
This document describes how to develop an Energy Management Plan (EMP) and is tailored for small to medium scale red meat processing facilities, which are defined as having a processing capacity of ...
National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Red Meat Processing Industry Guidelines
Nov 8, 2012
The purpose of these Red Meat Procesing Industry Guidelines is to provide an industry-wide approach towards greenhouse and energy inventory calculations that is consistent with the principles of the...
Using Covered Anaerobic Ponds to Treat Abattoir Wastewater, Reduce Greenhouse Gases and Generate Bio Energy
Sep 13, 2011
Wastewater treatment ponds are the preferred method for treating rural municipal wastewater and agricultural wastewater in Australia due to their simplicity to build and operate (Laginestra&nbs...
Industry Environmental Sustainability Review 2010
Jun 12, 2011
The five-year period since the 2003 Environmental Performance Review (EPR), was one of the major impacts on the red meat processing (RMP) sector. Major influences and drivers impacting the sector in...
Waste to Energy: Alternative uses for Paunch Waste and DAF Sludge Waste Pyrolysis Review
Mar 10, 2011
Major research is underway to improve abattoir waste management practises, reduce disposal costs, minimise fossil fuel consumption and investigate the potential for abattoir’s to produce ...
Prime Minister's Task Group on Energy Efficiency
Apr 12, 2010
This report will provide information that can be used to build on future investigations and options relating to energy use and efficiencies within the red meat processing sector.
Innovation and Energy Management and Reduction
Dec 3, 2009
Energy consumption in the form of hot water, electricity and gas is a major cost for meat processing plants and is a focus of greenhouse gas emission concerns in Australia. Midfield Meats has signed...
Training Manual
Red Meat Processing Industry Energy Efficiency Manual
Jun 10, 2009
Against a background of rising energy prices and increasing concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) commissioned the current Red Meat Processing Industry Ene...
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