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How can we innovate better as an industry?

Australian manufacturing produces some of the worlds best meat. This will continue. Our commitment to innovation – in product, operations, business systems, communications, export, industry collaboration, environment, etc, is the epicentre of the Australian red meat industry

Contemporary chemical lean validation – National Standard for measurement
Apr 10, 2019
Chemical Lean (CL) is defined as the amount of lean red meat compared to the amount of fat in a meat sample. Its determination by an approved method is a mandatory AUS-MEAT requirement for any expor...
An on-line system to assess beef quality characteristics
Apr 5, 2019
This project evaluated the TenderSpec TM  beef classification system for tenderness and marbling. The objectives were to evaluate this U.S. system against Australian cattle to identify tender c...
Roadmap Development for a Meat Processing Intelligent Automation Centre
Feb 5, 2019
This project was undertaken to develop a roadmap for the use of intelligent automation (IA) by the Australian meat processing industry. It is intended to pave the way for building an enabler in the ...
The suitability of standard meat conveyor belt materials for CO2 pellet cleaning
Dec 20, 2018
The project assessed the suitability of dry-ice blasting for polymer-based conveyor belts used in the meat processing industry. Investigations were undertaken to determine the effects of thermal var...
Meat Packaging Solutions to Current Industry Challenges
Jul 13, 2018
Much advancement has occurred in the field of smart meat packaging, and there is great potential for these to be used as tools that respond to challenges faced by the red meat industry. This proj...
3D Dynamic Skeletal Modelling
May 23, 2018
The purpose of this project was to explore the feasibility to extend the usefulness of the X-ray scanning of a carcass to further downstream carcass break-up operations by the use of the carcass&rsq...