Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

3D Dynamic Skeletal Modelling

The purpose of this project was to explore the feasibility to extend the usefulness of the X-ray scanning of a carcass to further downstream carcass break-up operations by the use of the carcass’s geometric predictability in its bone structure. 

In other words, it is believed that an expensive X-ray Scanner System installed at the start of the Boning Line to measure the bone structure of each incoming carcass, can share this scanned data with downstream automation stations through the use of a 3D Dynamic Re-Pose-able Skeletal Model .

This re-posed 3D Skeletal Model can then be used to predict the actual position of the skeleton within the scanned shape at that workstation. As such, this specific 3D Skeletal Model can then be used to support any automation operation that requires the knowledge of the position of the carcass bones at that workstation

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