Engagement of Red Meat Processors in the Digital Economy

This project originally sought to investigate Artificial Intelligence solutions to Animal Health issues within the red meat processing industry. Further analysis revealed the need to define artificial intelligence. This assisted with identifying the core purpose of the original scope of work. The project's scope changed from a case-study focus, to providing a framework for an industry-wide digital strategy, of which such case-study projects may be guided by a cohesive and spearheaded strategy to help industry move towards participating in the digital economy. This project's vision has been reframed as "Engagement of Red Meat Processors in the Digital Economy", and includes a desktop review of work conducted, rationale for the imperative and function of a digital strategy, a high-level overview on Design Led Innovation as a framework for guiding industry engagement, potential uses cases for IoT and a high-level commentary on emerging, disruptive business models, of which its effects should be considered within cohesive digital strategy.