Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Developing Resources for Compliance with Recently Harmonized Work Health and Safety Legislation for High Priority Areas in the Red Meat Processing Industry

This project developed resources to address critical gaps in work health and safety (WHS) resources in the red meat processing industry. The training and assessment support materials for the WHS unit of competency at Certificate II in the Meat Industry Training Package targeting workers in the industry, was revised and updated to reflect compliance with the recently introduced WHS legislation and emerging high priority WHS issues in the industry. A ‘WHS guide for maintenance personnel in the red meat processing industry’ and fact sheet on ‘Contractor WHS management in the red meat processing industry’ were developed to provide guidance to maintenance personnel to help them address the high risk nature of maintenance work and the broadened WHS responsibilities of maintenance personnel under the recently introduced WHS legislation.

The project focused on developing and/or revising WHS materials for key groups in the meat processing industry primarily focusing on compliance with the recently introduced nationally harmonized WHS legislation. It should be noted that the WHS legislation has been enacted in most states and territories of Australia with the exception of Victoria and WA.

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