Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

French Dressed Lamb Rack Preparation Robot Cell

First Stage To Research & Develop A User Requirement Specification & Present A Prototype Build Cost & Timeline.

A year ago, Applied Robotics was contracted by the AMPC (under AMPC Project 2014/1006) to create a new machine concept to automate the labour intensive task of preparing French dressed lamb rib racks. Applied Robotics created an innovative machine concept that was presented to attendees at an AMPC seminar in the North Sydney at the end of that year. As a result of the expression of interest in our new concept by the abattoir members, the AMPC has raised a small project for Applied Robotics to take this concept one further step forward in this current AMPC Project (PRP15-T01-16) / (2016.1035).

In this current project Applied Robotics visited three potential abattoir users to have detailed discussions with them to define their Lamb Rack Frenching User Requirements, then this was then condensed into a set of Functional Specifications for an ideal Automated Lamb Racks Frenching Machine.

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