Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Encouraging Plant Uptake of Industry R&D Outcomes

Significant government and industry investment has been made in research and development in the red meat processing industry. The real success of this investment lies in the outcomes of the initiatives being taken up and successfully implemented by enterprises along the value chain. The challenge for AMPC is to market the R&D initiatives so that meat processing plants are aware of the opportunities to improve their own sustainability and efficiency, and plant personnel have the skills to implement the initiative in their own plant.

This project focuses on encouraging, supporting and building the skills of meat industry personnel considering adopting new technologies in their plants to achieve the best possible outcomes. Professional development is provided in the form of an e-learning program for industry project managers that assists them to apply a systematic project management approach to designing and planning their project, with the outcomes of the program comprising a project charter or business case for their project and a project management plan for their project.


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