Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Ex-ante Scoping Options for Automated Ovine Shoulder Breakup

As part of project A.CIS.0034 that was to conduct an ex-ante study of the LEAP IV Middle primal machine a preliminary investigation was requested to scope out options for an automate machine to break up the shoulder primal of ovine carcasses. The concept included cutting of neck, brisket and shank, and splitting of the square cut shoulder. The scoping exercise considered the variability in the shoulder primal from a range of carcase weights. Standards were established to quantify the value of cutting accuracy for each cut and very preliminary cutting accuracy for manual operations were collected. A model was developed to help scope and trial a combination of cutting accuracies, capital costs and throughput rates to identify the performance range required to develop a viable machine with reasonable payback.

This report marks the conclusion of the research and enables what if analysis to inform development possibilities that would enhance shoulder breakdown performance.  

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