Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Review of Current Developments & Future R&D Opportunities for Lamb French Racking

Given the number of french racking R&D proposals and projects that have either been invested previously, or that are currently under consideration, it was evident that a review of 1) industry needs and specification, and 2) future R&D options, was required.

Collaboration with industry experts has identified frenching as the next big investment opportunity in terms of labour savings within the Australian Lamb Industry. In Australia, 29 million lamb racks are produced each year, 50% of these are frenched, requiring up to operators at any given time. (McRae, et al, 2014 DAFF, 2014). Compared to that of ether automated or even semi-automated french racking solutions, the value and time spent manually frenching these racks is costing the Australian Lamb Industry $8.1m per year. This provides significant justification and opportunity for further investment into the development of an automated frenching system.        

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