Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Paunch Value Adding: Energy Nutrient Recovery and Reducing Carbon Exposure

Most abattoirs currently dispose their Paunch Waste (PW) via composting, land application or through use of landfills. Previous MLA and AMPC studies have indicated that energy and nutrient recovery from PW should improve economics and environmental outcomes for the industry. Specifically, improved PW dewatering systems were regarded as being a prime pre-requisite to permit improved energy and nutrient recovery operations. The dewatering technology trial in these studies. This study thus assessed, at pilot plant scale, the Rotary Fan Press. The results from the trials revealed that the technology will not improve the economics of energy recovery from PW. Nutrient recovery via precipitation of struvite from the PW filtrates appears to be technically feasible but additional trialling of this technology is required to confirm the technicalities and economics of the process.    

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