Meat Industry Services: Shelf-life: Improving Beef Colour

Meat colour has important implications for consumer acceptability and eating quality, with dark carcases incur economic penalties, and thus negatively impact the meat industry. This study aims to investigate the effect of meat colour at grading on 20 week shelf-life of chilled vacuum packed beef striploins by segregation into one of 3 colour groups (A-light, B- intermediate or C- dark) as defined by AUS-MEAT colour (AMC) scores: ≤1C; 2 or 3; ≥4 respectively. With storage, all meat colours displayed higher values for lightness, purge and lipid oxidation. Colour stability during retail display was not affected. In conclusion, meat colour at grading displayed differences in pH, purge, carbohydrate content, myoglobin forms. No differences were observed in protein solubility or oxidation.