Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Gen 1 & Gen 2 Electrical Stimulation Ex-Ante Value Proposition

This ex-ante study estimates the improvement in value created by electrical stimulation over no stimulation for beef and lamb carcases. It also compares the difference in value between fixed dose (Gen 1) and variable dose (Gen 2) stimulation and is based on the premise that effective variable dose stimulation could control pH decline through a much tighter carcase temperature range than fixed dose systems.Domestic retail beef carcases would be most likely to benefit from Gen 2. Domestic lamb carcase eating quality would benefit from Gen 2 but the realisable value would not be significant over Gen 1. There is limited opportunity for export beef and sheep carcases. If Gen 2 technology could reduce variance in temperature at pH6 and improve meat colour the potential value of the technology ranged between $0.00 - $1.61/head and $0.00 - $0.56/head for beef and sheep respectively as compared with $-0.57 - $1.24/head and $0.00 - $0.49/head for Gen 1 systems for beef and sheep respectively. Range in values is dependent on animal type and market destination for a range of beef and sheep supply chains. However, whilst two variable dose electrical stimulation systems (1 beef, 1 lamb) have been installed in Australia, to date no independent validation work has been done on meat quality differences relative to fixed dose stimulation. Preliminary beef trials do not indicate any significant difference of variable dose stimulation over fixed dose stimulation. Until detailed validation trials are conducted there is no evidence that Gen 2 provides any improvement in meat quality over fixed dose stimulation.

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