Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Pilot testing pyrolysis systems and reviews of solid waste use on boilers

This study has confirmed that thermal processes such as pyrolysis, gasification and combustion are technically viable for the processing of abattoir solid wastes, particularly paunch waste and DAF sludge. These materials can be successfully dried for processing in pyrolysis or gasification systems. Based on the results of the pilot plant pyrolysis and gasification trials these processes do produce a char suitable for reuse in agriculture and do generate GHG reductions. GHG credits of between 0.5 tonne and 1 tonne of CO2e / dry tonne of paunch waste or DAF sludge can be achieved. Process economics however indicate that a waste processing fee of between $65 and $90/ tonne of wet paunch waste/DAF sludge is required to generate a return on the capital investment for a 20 dry tonne per day facility. Co-combustion of dewatered paunch waste/DAF sludge in suitable boilers appears to be commercially attractive.


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