Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Waste to Energy: Alternative uses for Paunch Waste and DAF Sludge Waste Pyrolysis Review

Major research is underway to improve abattoir waste management practises, reduce disposal costs, minimise fossil fuel consumption and investigate the potential for abattoir’s to produce their own renewable energy. As part of this research MLA and AMPC have approved a research project entitled “Waste to Energy: Alternative uses for paunch waste and DAF sludge”. Phase 1 of this project involves conducting a high level desktop review of waste pyrolysis systems and to ascertain whether pyrolysis has the potential to economically process paunch waste and DAF sludge to biochar and syngas to reduce the carbon footprint of meat processing facilities. The specific objectives of the study include:

  • an overview of waste pyrolysis;
  • identification and review of Australian waste pyrolysis providers and their processes;
  • a site visit to Black is Green P/L in Mackay to review their pyrolysis system;
  • develop order-of-magnitude economics for the pyrolysis of paunch waste and DAF sludge; and
  • propose and develop a pyrolysis test programme based on the use of Australian pyrolysis system providers equipment.


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