Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Use of Paunch Waste as a Boiler Fuel

The prime objective of this project was to conduct a full-scale technical, commercial and environmental assessment of dewatered paunch waste co-combustion, using the existing sawdust-fired boiler at the Nippon Meat Packers abattoir in Wingham, NSW. The results from this paunch waste co-combustion trial strongly support this method for management of dewatered paunch waste at abattoirs that already have boilers suitable for co-combustion of dewatered paunch waste. Due to the significant economic advantages of dewatered paunch waste cocombustion it is very likely that many abattoirs with boilers suitable to co-combust dewatered paunch waste will proceed with this practise as soon as is practical.

Even if boilers suitable for biomass-firing need to be installed, the economics of such a retrofit looks attractive. Only minor environmental impacts were noted during this paunch waste co-combustion trial.

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