Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Australian Meat Processor Corporation

Continuous anaerobic pond desludging

Anaerobic ponds comprise a cost effective method of reducing chemical oxygen demand (COD) and five day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) concentrations in meat process wastewater prior to release to aerobic wastewater
treatment operations. Theoretically, anaerobic systems should generate lesser amounts of sludge compared to aerobic systems, however, in practice in the Australian meat process industry, anaerobic ponds frequently fill rapidly with solids.

Desludging of anaerobic ponds is often difficult due to the presence of a thick crust on top of the pond. More recent technology involves covering the anaerobic pond with a synthetic plastic membrane, permitting capture of energy-rich biogas and odours. In these systems, desludging is even more difficult since the membrane is readily damaged if removed for desludging operations.

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