Research Development & Extension

Research Development & Extension

The Core Program represents AMPC's primary RD&E program, focused on addressing key issues facing the processors in terms of productivity, profitability, sustainability, integrity and capability. The Core Program is divided into five distinct program streams: 

Core Program 1 – Processing Technologies
Improving process efficiency, reducing production cost and facilitating improved value capture.

Core Program 2 – Environment and Sustainability
Products and services that improve industry sustainability – environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Core Program 3 – Processing Hygiene, Quality and Meat Science
Enabling high standards of food safety, product integrity and eating quality.

Core Program 4 – Capability, Extension and Education
Training, education, R&D and communication to engage stakeholders.

Core Program 5 – Industry Improvement and Economic Analysis.
Evaluating the economic impact of AMPC investments and mechanisms to improve industry performance.