Strategic Direction

The role of AMPC and the future direction. 

1 Purpose

Enable Australia to build the most sustainable Red Meat Industry.

2 We Are

Innovators & industry wide collaborators.
We deliver deployable value to Australian Meat Manufacturing.

3 We Value

  • Openness - to collaboration, innovation & change.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Long term planning.
  • Industry pride.
  • Moving forward.

4 We Aim

To make stakeholders feel engaged, informed, respected, valued, partnered and empowered.

5 Our Strategy

Focuses on the needs of our members to deliver sustainable industry wide benefits.

6 Our Focus Areas

  • Manufacturing capabilities & efficiencies.
  • Increasing market access & value.
  • Industry sustainability.

7 Our Output

Through research programs, supplier / community / government / trade relationships & improved communications.

8 Outcome

Creating a strong positive, trusted & influential presence for Australian Red Meat Manufacturing.


AMPC has finalised its 2025 Strategic Plan and this will be available shortly. AMPC is taking a long-term view on the steps required to ensure the sustainability of the red meat processing sector and the broader industry. It is developing a 10-year strategic plan that clearly sets out its purpose and role within the industry. You can read about our previous plans in the following reports.

Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan 2013-17
Strategic Plan Summary 2013-17
Strategic Plan 2008-11

Industry Strategic Plans


Industry Strategic Reports

Strategic Risks Facing the Australian Red Meat Industry
Future Scan 2nd Edition 2015
Environmental Scan 2012