Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board consists of seven Processor Directors and two Special Qualifications Directors. Members elect the Processor Directors every two years.

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman are elected by the Board and the Special Qualifications Directors are elected by the Processor Members of the Board.  

For further information about the Board's responsibilities, refer to the 2016-17 Annual Report. This report also contains information about the Board's Code of Conduct and other governance requirements.

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Chairman - John Berry
Deputy Chairman - Melissa Fletcher
Melissa Fletcher

Melissa Fletcher is the Chief Executive Officer of Fletcher International Exports, one of Australia’s largest processors and exporters of lamb and sheep meat products.

As an Australian of proud indigenous descent with over 30 years of industry experience, she represents a new generation of red meat industry leaders, and brings a unique and valuable perspective to the AMPC Board.

Melissa was elected to the AMPC Board for her first term in December 2017.

Special Qualifications Director - Bruce Rathie
Bruce Rathie

Bruce Rathie is a solicitor and experienced company director who joins the Board with extensive careers in both investment banking and the legal profession. 

He currently holds non-executive positions across a diverse segment of private sector companies, and holds degrees in law and commerce, a Masters of Business Administration, and is a Fellow of both the AICD and AIML.

Bruce was elected to the AMPC Board for his first term in December 2017.

Special Qualifications Director - Leanne Heywood
Leanne Heywood

Leanne Heywood is an executive and leader with over 25 years corporate experience in the mining sector, including ten years with Rio Tinto. Her experience includes strategic marketing, business finance and compliance, and she has led organisational restructures, disposals and acquisitions.

Additionally, she has had significant experience in complex cross-cultural negotiations, and international customer and stakeholder relationship management.

Leanne was elected to the AMPC Board for her first term in December 2017.

Processor Director - Gary Hardwick
Gary Hardwick

Gary Hardwick is the Founder and Executive of Hardwick’s Meatworks Pty Ltd located in Kyneton, Victoria. Gary is a qualified Accountant, a Member of the Australian Processors Council (APC) and Director of Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust (AMIST). Gary is also a Director of PrimeSafe (VIC).

Gary was elected to the AMPC Board for an eleventh term in December 2017.

Processor Director - Dean Goode
Dean Goode

Dean was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Kilcoy Pastoral Company Limited (KPC) on 1 July 2012. Dean has worked for KPC for ten years, including as General Manager of Operations. Dean has extensive experience in the export beef processing industry, having previously worked for twenty years with Australian Meat Holdings at both their Dinmore and Townsville facilities in various management roles.

Dean holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from James Cook University, Townsville.

Dean was elected to the AMPC Board for his second term in December 2017.

Processor Director - Pat Gleeson
Pat Gleeson

Pat Gleeson is a fourth generation cattle farmer from Crow’s Nest, Queensland, who began his working life as an apprentice butcher. Pat Gleeson is now the General Manager of Oakey Beef Exports, Thomas Borthwicks Mackay and a Director in the Nippon Ham Group in Australia.

He has extensive experience and professional training that spans more than three decades in cattle production, beef processing, and management across the supply chain. As an agribusiness specialist - producer and processor, Pat has applied his focus on developing people, company culture and innovation while managing financial results through strategy execution.

Pat is an active member of the industry participating on many boards and advisory panels.

Pat was elected to the AMPC Board for his first term in December 2017.

Processor Director - Tom Maguire
Tom Maguire

Tom Maguire currently holds the position of General Manager - Corporate Services with Teys Australia Pty Limited. Tom has been involved in the Australian meat industry since 1997 and has held senior positions in the National Meat Association of Australia.

Tom holds post graduate qualifications in Economics, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. He has also completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Queensland.

Tom was elected to the AMPC Board for a seventh term in December 2017.

Processor Director - Simon Stahl
Simon Stahl

Simon Stahl has been working in the red meat industry for over 26 years and currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer, Northern Co-operative Meat Company Ltd. Simon began his career at KR Darling Downs, Toowoomba, before working with NH Foods Australia Pty Ltd in a variety of roles including Managing Director (TBS Mackay) and Group Innovation Manager. Simon holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting major) from the University of Southern Queensland.

Simon was elected to the AMPC Board for a fourth term in December 2017.